The Good Shepherd Institute

Our Team

The Good Shepherd Institute has been Frank’s singular vision for many years. Heritage Foods has been the exclusive national distributor of Good Shepherd Poultry for decades. With the support of EJF Philanthropies, Christopher Quinn and Big Star Pictures, and the recently released Eating Animals film, Heritage Foods, Frank's vision for the Institute has been strengthened and broadened. The recent partnership with MASS Design Group in February 2018 has provided the critical addition of a mission-aligned architect to the team.


Photo by Jim Richardson

Photo by Jim Richardson

Frank Reese

Frank Reese is a fourth generation poultry farmer who has spent his life advocating for the importance of genetic biodiversity in our food system, and has single-handedly maintained heritage poultry breeds on his farm that no longer exist anywhere else in the world. Frank is regarded as the definitive national expert on heritage poultry breeding and the rich American history of pre-industrial poultry husbandry. He has been profiled in media ranging from National Geographic to Vogue to Saveur to the New York Times.

Photo by Iwan Baan

Photo by Iwan Baan

mass design group

MASS Design Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit architecture and design firm dedicated to researching, building, and advocating for architecture that promotes justice and human dignity. The firm works to develop high-quality, high impact infrastructure that helps communities thrive. Work in the US and internationally has shown that buildings, as well as the design and construction processes that bring them to life, can become engines for better health, economic growth, and long term sustainability. MASS operates as an international collective; since 2008 partnerships have taken them from East Africa, to Haiti, to urban and rural communities around the United States. Their work includes the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama, the Butaro District Hospital in Burera District, Rwanda, and the GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. MASS Design Group is the recipient of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award, among many other awards and publications.

Heritage Foods

The success of the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch over the last 40 years would not have been possible without the support of Heritage Foods. They have worked tirelessly to build a vibrant economic marketplace for Frank's poultry, and have been critical to the development of institutional support from top chefs, premiere restaurants, and consumers nationwide.

Please support the organizations that support the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch. Visit the Heritage Foods website for information about how to buy Frank's poultry and support the Institute.

Partners & Stakeholders

Frank Reese and the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch have received generous and unyielding support from many organizations and individuals over the years. The design, conception, and programming of the institute will benefit from the ongoing input of a diverse range of thought leaders, industry experts, and national figures. Once the Institute is built and operational it will serve and be served by a vast international network of stakeholders.

Ongoing engagement with agricultural communities, farmers, industrial corporations, culinary leaders, educational institutions, the media, and the public will program the institute.



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